DIY With Ease From Hog Roast Peebles

While Hog Roast Peebles is renowned primarily for providing delicious, fresh, homemade food for all sorts of parties and events, both locally and further afield, we’re also known for more than you may first assume. We make our own range of hog roast machines in our Lancashire factory and we sell both new and used models to pro chefs and domestic cooks, and we even sell other brands, in case they’re better for your needs. We also train people to cook like us using our hog roasters, using our vast knowledge and expertise to help others – for example, with a full-day course at our training facility, where we share everything we know, cook a hog and prepare various additional food and then stage an event where it’ll all be served.

We also hire out our own equipment, as we know that many of our customers want to cook their own food, especially after seeing how easy we make it seem. And it actually is! We designed our hog roast machines to be simple to use, effortless to move around if needed and to run on gas, so you can cook just about anywhere with them as you don’t need mains electricity. Whether you’ve used one before or you’re a newbie to this way of cooking, and whether you’re a caterer yourself who’s cooking for customers or you fancy a DIY for family or friends, one of our friendly, dedicated Hog Roast Peebles chefs will deliver a machine to your chosen venue (either your home or another location) and show you the ropes.

You may be surprised to find out that our equipment doesn’t only let you roast a scrumptious hog but you can spit-roast different meat or barbecue instead using our attachments, and as we designed them to work like conventional ovens, you can use the inside to cook all kinds of other food too, such as your choice of vegetables and potatoes – or even a pizza or two if you so desire!

Let Hog Roast Peebles help you to DIY with ease and we’re sure you’ll be back to enjoy this way of cooking again soon.