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Hog roasts are ever increasing in popularity, so when deciding on catering for your next event Spitting Pig Scotland is the best choice. Not only do we offer a perfectly cooked pig, but many other choices of meat, sides, salads and desserts. Take a look at our selection of specially created menu’s below to find the right one for you.

Hog roast machines are quickly becoming the future for catering. However, what many people do not have the slightest clue about these machines is they are actually a newer invention of a technique that has been used for an elongated frame of time. In the past, when fire was first discovered by our cavemen ancestors they actually created the first hog roast machine.

Of course, their machines consisted of sticking a hard branch from a tree straight into an animal and then setting the animal over a fire to roast. Everything had to be done manually in order to ensure that the animal was cooking properly. Inadvertently, the task was daunting and it took an incredibly long time for the meal to be completed because there always has to be someone next to the fire avidly turning the animal in order to ensure that it was cooking properly.

Modern day hog roasting machines have taken a few notes from our ancestors when it comes to the sole purpose of the machines. To this day, people avidly utilize these machines in order to engage in what is referred to as a slow cooking process. The machines contain a rotisserie in the very middle of the console, but they also have a standard grill portion that can be located on the base of the machine.

In order to cook your hog roast, you will need to skewer the animal that you are opting to cook and place it onto the allotted slots for the skewer to sit on the machine. The skewer will turn by itself, typically because it is powered by an electric motor and proceed with cooking your desired animal. There is no need for a lot of human interaction when it comes to cooking a hog on one of our hog roast machines.

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