About our Hog Roast Fife Catering Company

aboutus-168x300 - Copy (2)Spitting Pig Scotland is a true family business run by myself Steven Reaper with the help of my dad John and mum Anne from our family farm in Balmullo just outside St Andrews in Fife. One of the most enjoyable aspects of hog roasting for us is that we get to see a lot of the country as the work we do is spread all over Scotland. As well as getting to see a lot of the countryside, we also get to see some of the more picturesque, hidden away places that are off the beaten track. When ordering food for functions we try to use local suppliers as much as possible. All our pigs are reared on our own farm and are a Gloucester old spot cross, whenever possible we also provide lamb and beef for our functions.

All our pigs are carefully chosen for each event and matched with the correct accompaniments. The fruit and vegetables that we use widely come from local farms whenever possible. We buy our soft, fresh rolls from the bakery who deliver them to us, which always saves a trip to Dundee early in the morning. We have been making our own apple sauce and sweet chilli sauce since we first started out, which is better than any alternative that you can buy, they are just not as good as our homemade version.

Individual Catering Experiences

The amount of time that is spent organising a function depends on what the menu is. If it is simply a hog roast in St Andrews with sauces and rolls, this often just requires a phone call to the baker. At the other end of the scale are functions like weddings, which include canapés, meat, potatoes, vegetables or salad, desserts, teas and coffees and evening buffets. Functions like this usually take two days to organise, as orders need to be placed and picked up; staff need organised; timings need worked out and sometimes crockery and cutlery need ordered in advance. During the busier times of the year, it is possible to do a number of functions on the same day. We have six machines and have done, in one day, eight functions, which takes a lot of organising simply because of the logistics of who goes where, when and how?

Spitting Pig Catering

Hog Roasting is not just cooking and carving a pig. A lot more time and effort goes into preparing and cleaning up after a function than it may appear, as well as the time spent at the actual event. When we arrive on site to do a function, the first job is to get the Hog Roasting machine, with the pig inside it, out of the van and into position for where we will be serving. We prep all of our pigs the signature Spitting Pig style to create our famous crispy crackling. The pigs that we all vary in size depending on the size of the event and therefore all have different cooking times, however we will be sure to have the pig ready for your requested serving time.

When the machine is turned on, we leave it at a high heat for about the first 20minutes to get the pig up to temperature, but have to be careful not to burn it at this point. After this we turn the temperature back to a very low flame for the remainder of the cooking time but have to watch that it isn’t too low. This ensures that the pig is succulent throughout, and so that there is a choice of cut for the customers – some like the white loin meat, whilst others prefer the softer, juicier belly meat. When the pig is cooked, the pig is raised up on two metal bars which makes it easier to carve and better for people to look at. The warm crackling is removed and then the meat is carved down.

Experienced Catering Teams

15055807_101935896956172_197203212117868540_nAt the end of the day when the job is done, everyone is fed and you’ve driven home, you have to wake up the next morning to the cleaning up. This is the least enjoyable part of Hog Roasting but is just as important as any other. The rubbish gets disposed of; the machines get stripped and cleaned; all of the dishes get washed, dried and put away; and the linen gets washed and folded. Working in the catering industry we have to do a lot of travelling to different locations across the country. This is definitely one of the perks of the jobs.

Spitting Pig Scotland is located near St Andrews making it very easy for us to get around the country. This location gives us excellent access to towns so we do a hog roast Glasgow and a hog roast Perth not to mention the major cities. Locating our company in this location has allowed us to cater easily for the entire nation for years. Every town that we visit has something different to offer from the next one and it a real privilege that we get to experience the best that Scotland has to offer. From local parties who want a hog roast in Dingwall to the highlands festival we have seen it all.