Hog Roast Catering


We are here to help you plan the most spectacular event imaginable, and we are committed to providing you with the assistance that you need to pull it off. Whether you are considering an indoor or outdoor event, formal or informal, you are not alone. Planning the catering for many events can be a big responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly, which is why our team are here to help you along the way, making the process as seamless as possible. A Hog Roast is perfect for any occasion and we are guaranteed to please every single guest, even the vegetarians. That is what makes us so popular!

First, our planners will work with you in order to map out what you need and what you want within your budget. No detail will escape us. Choose from our extensive menu, including free range pigs (upon request), lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, or a combination. For the vegans and vegetarians on your list, we have options for them, as well. If you are thinking of a more informal menu, we have choices there, too. Sausage, burgers, kebabs and spare ribs can be roasted and served. Side dishes are created to compliment your main course choice, and all food is prepared fresh and on site by our trained personal chef.

Why Choose Us At Spitting Pig Scotland?

The devil is in the details, so they say, and we pay particular attention to those. Our hog roast crew is available to set up tables, linens, and dinnerware. Special requests are honored, and our team will also retrieve the remains of the meal and dispose of them discreetly, taking one more worry off of your detail list. If you are at a loss regarding venues, we can suggest appropriate locations. We can also accommodate indoor or outdoor parties, day or night, whether you’re planning a breakfast, brunch, or dinner type event. The staff will arrive several hours prior to the start of the party, attending to every detail so your celebration comes off without a hitch. Your guest will be amazed at how you’ve gotten everything together, and by the delectable and delicious menu you’ve chosen.

A consultation is available via phone or personal interview at your convenience. Our hog roast company prides ourselves on our commitment to our customers, and we want you to be happy and to return to us for all the important events you wish to celebrate. Pigs are our passion, but even more important to us is a satisfied and thrilled customer. We aren’t happy until you are happy. Planning an important event can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. We will help you present an impressive and fun event sure to be enjoyed by all.

Hog Roasts And Endless Choices

Here at Spitting Pig Scotland we offer a variety of different catering solutions for all salad set upoccasions across the great nation of Scotland. We offer everything ranging from small party catering, machine and large corporate event catering. If you are looking for something to eat at your local golf course or need a catering package for your birthday party then we are here to help. We cover all corners of the country from Galashiels to Dunfermline to Motherwell; there is no location too near or too far for us. Over the past 20 years we have gained a wide knowledge of the catering business and have attempted to come up with new and innovative ways of catering for all kind of events. This experience has really made us a market leader and we now feel that we are more than capable of being able to cater for any event anywhere in the country that is put in front of us.

We are always looking for a new challenge and our team of event planners and sales people are ready to plan the perfect party for you. Every member of team ranging from chefs to managers are widely experienced in the hog roast industry and know just what it takes to make the perfect party. One thing that is very popular nowadays is hosting all kinds of events at sporting venues, for example celebrating your birthday at Dunfermline Athletic FC or having your wedding reception at the local golf club. These kinds of events and locations are exactly what we specialise in. We deal with these events every day of the week and feel that we are the perfect catering for any family occasion. One thing that we understand is the stresses of organising any party. We know how difficult it can be sorting out invitations, organising the venue, hiring a DJ and making food. We can’t sort your entire event out for you but one thing we can do is provide you with delicious food at affordable prices.

It doesn’t matter whether you are having a graduation party or a Motherwell hog roast for a Diamond wedding anniversary we can provide food that is suitable for you. We have a great selection of menus that differ in size and formality depending on what you are looking for. The choice is yours and we are more than willing to help customise any of our menus to meet your specific needs. If you like the look of one menu but feel it needs an extra item or two then just let us know and we will do our best to help you. Trying not to sound cliché but your wish is our command. After all it is your party and you want it to be perfect in every way. There are a variety of meats that can be cooked on our machines, all of which will taste delicious after then have been slowly roasted on state of the art machines for over six hours. Also the food that we cook is freshly prepared on the day of the event. This also includes all side dishes.

Preparing our food freshly on the day really does have a positive effect on how it tastes. You don’t just want us to bring along frozen food and let it defrost the day before; everything is fresh. This kind of quality and attention that we give our food really sets us apart from the rest of the industry. We make sure that our chefs are at the event for the entirety of the day. They will be constantly checking the hog roast along with preparing a selection of sides that your choice of meat will be served with. We make sure our chefs give every aspect of your menu there full attention in order to maintain the high standards set by ourselves. We may be a hog roast company but it doesn’t mean that we can’t cook anything else. We guarantee that our sides are just as tasty as the Dunfermline hog roast itself.

Hire A Machine For Your Own Catering Event

When catering for any party we always make sure our team of event planners, chefs and waiters are with you from your first quote to the event itself. Our event planners are there for you to consult throughout the planning process and when the day of the party arrives our trained hog roast chefs take over and cook delicious and succulent Galashiels hog roast for you and your guests. We do all the hard work for you. We make sure that everything is done for you, from the feeding of the guests to providing the cutlery and cleaning up at the end of the party.

Birthdays, Weddings & Corporate Events

The less you have to do the less you have to worry about. Making sure that you have a good time and enjoy the food is our primary concern. We are very proud to cater for such a fine nation full of exciting towns rich in culture and history. Take Motherwell for example. Motherwell is home to one of Scotland’s most famous exports; Grants Whisky. The Grants Whisky factory is located in Motherwell and is one of the biggest employers in the town which is very important economically for the town. It rally has put Motherwell on the map again. Scotland is renowned for its fine Whisky and it doesn’t get much better than Grants. This level of popularity is something that Spitting Pig Scotland hope to achieve throughout the nation. We feel that we are a catering company that Scotland can be proud of and we hope to be able to cater for the nation for many years to come.