The weekend was glorious!

The weekend was glorious and we were catering for a retirement party at the weekend one of our best parties we all agreed. Hog roast were in full swing and raring to go on Saturday I am sure the sun shine gives us energy! We left bright and early with a spring in our step and headed west. We arrived nice and early the venue was being held in the gentleman’s social club we were catering for three hundred. Soon the meat was cooking nicely and we were chatting to the gentleman he said he was Stewart at the social club for forty years and that he was very sorry to be retiring as he had such fun over the years, VIP’s from the brewery were coming to the party to wish him well along with family and friends. Chicken, beef and the pig were cooking away as we turned our attention to the side dishes, we chopped lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, celery, and spring onions and placed the salad in bowels and dotted them around the tables, we made wonderful vinaigrette dressings to accompany the salads and placed them on the table too. Just as the pork was near completion of cooking Hog roast hire scored the skin and added oil and sea salt to create the most delicious crackling. We made a selection of dips garlic, chilli and mixed herbs along with apple sauce and freshly made sage and onion stuffing when the meat was cooked we sliced in quickly and got it to the table nice and warm and then added heaps of soft bread buns to the table, the food went down really well as the gests tucked in to the food they also enjoyed big pints of ale. The gentleman received a special plaque from the officials at the brewery for all his hard work over the years and he was extremely proud such a lovely fella we thought, soon we were clearing up and heading home and it was still sunny typical a nice sunny day and we were stuck indoors next weekend though we are out door and watch it rain!