Travelling Far

We have just updated our website and so pleased with the new look! We have lots of new features that we know customers will find interesting, you can book your event order your menu in a click of a few buttons and everything is priced so you don’t ever get any nasty surprises of your event being more expensive than first anticipated, the new website has only been live the past few weeks and has proven popular. We had our first new order mid week the customer organised the whole event online and it went beautifully without a hitch. We were south for a birthday celebration and the gentleman in question was ex Army and had lots of military stories for us and he had tasted hog roasting lots of times on his travels around the world, so we were to say the least a little nervous! But we had no need to be as the gentleman said our pork was the most moist, succulent meat he had ever tasted but to be honest we think that our high tech machines deserve some of the credit as they are fantastic. There were lots of old Soldiers at the event and such a chatty bunch they had us all laughing the whole day and it really didn’t feel like work! This weekend we won’t be travelling far in fact it is just around the corner to be honest a new shop has just opened on the corner of our office block and we have asked to cater for the opening perfect job and not far to travel! We have been asked to put on a barbeque spread and we will with pleasure, we are making pure British quarter pounder burgers in buns with lashings of onions and relish, jumbo succulent sizzling sausages with mustard, fish burgers with a sensational dressing. We are also offering guests cups of our delicious soup, which will go down really well in this nippy weather. French fries are also on the menu and not just any old French fries ours have a special coating of spices making them delicious. Hog roast hire have never catered so close to home it will be fun!