Hog roasting in the summer

There is nothing like hog roasting in the summer, and any avid hog roaster will tell you the same. Hog roasting can be used all year around and when the weather gets bad you can hog roast indoor but the beauty is cooking out door and with the use of our machines we can just do just that the machines run on gas and are so portable and make easy work of cooking, and this week we were heading west on Saturday morning to cater for a birthday. We arrived nice and refreshed after a good eight hours sleep and ready for the day ahead! We set up our machines and we started to place the turkey and lamb onto the machines once the meat is on, the machines do all the work. Hog roast were preparing some summer salads, crisp fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and spring onions and we made some garlic dressing which is quick and simple to make and always a hit with guests. Jacket potatoes were on the menu and we made some fillings of cheese and chive and baked beans by request a favourite of the young lady who we were catering for a 21st birthday for a very studious young lady who was off to travel the world having just graduated from university and was very excitedly telling us of all the things she intends doing and she said she cannot wait to enjoy all the wonderful foods from around the world, and what a great way to start with hog roasting a cooking method that dates back centuries! The party was in full swing and everyone was having fun eating the wonderful food and chatting amongst one another then the girls parents came into the garden and presented the girl with a huge birthday cake in the shape of an Atlas and pin pointing all the countries the girl was about to visit the cake was amazing and the girl just couldn’t take her eyes off it. We said our good byes at the end of the day and wished the girl well and all at Hog Roast Hire wished that we were all 21 again!