such a short time

Summer is such a short time and we must savour each and every second and hasn’t it been fabulous so far heat waves for us! We have been inundated with catering requests the telephone simply hasn’t stopped ringing and next month we are doing two weddings a week! Hog roast are so pleased at the success of the business we are thriving with satisfied customers each and every week. Saturday we were south east and catering for a birthday celebration a 50th birthday and we were bringing the pig! The pig not only tastes absolutely delicious but it also looks good too spinning merrily and the smell is sensational one pig can feed an army of guests and they are really economical and not a lot know that and all are pleasantly surprised when we tell them just how many guests a pig can actually feed! Hog Roast Hire were making some crackling too as to be honest you really cant serve the pig without the crackling other meats were also requested beef and lamb with some salads and breads a welcome feast indeed. When we arrived we put the meat straight on to cook and then we started to chop and dice the salad, wonderful fresh salad crispy and delicious and full of goodness we then made some refreshing mouth-watering dips, yogurt and lime with herbs and spices compliments the meat wonderfully without over powering it we always love to invent new dips and are always experimenting and so far have come up trumps each and every time. When the gentleman arrived the guests all sang happy birthday and we joined in too a pleasant chap and eager to taste the food and he didn’t have long to wait we were soon carving the meat and we handed the first plate of delicious pork and crackling, with some apple sauce, beef and a wonderful horseradish sauce and some lamb and fresh mint sauce with a serving of fresh crisp salad and refreshing zingy dips he was more than happy with his plate of food and so were his guests such satisfaction of a job well done!