A long line of many so far

Catering for a christening on Sunday and a long line of many so far this year and for twins! Twin boys who were eight weeks old and the cutest pair we had ever seen dressed in their little sailor suits they were so cute! We were catering in the church hall right next to the service so we were being extra quite so as not to disturb and the guests didn’t have far to travel to taste the wonderful food we had lovingly prepared for them. Hog Roast made some chicken, beef and lamb and a three course luncheon was requested, for the first course we made smoked salmon on a rocket salad base with chive dip and for an alternate starter potato skins with yogurt and lime dip the main course was a selection of the delicious meat with creamed mashed potatoes, broccoli, peas and carrots with gravy and dessert summer fruit trifle a wonderful refreshing dessert all freshly made. After the service the guests arrived and we were keen to show off our skills and we made sure every guest was well fed and they really enjoyed the feast! The meats were just indescribable totally mouth-watering and sensational and the victor especially loved the food and said it was the first time he had ever tasted hog roasted food and he said it wouldn’t be the last! We couldn’t help but admire the boys christening cake it was a work of art it was blue and lemon with building bricks and balls and the boys names carefully wrote in icing and as we left the boys parents brought the children over to see us! They were ever so charming and cooing and smiling at such a young age we thought them so adorable and couldn’t help but be fixated with the little tots, we were also given a small box each and inside was a slice of christening cake and a thank you note to each of our staff we were quite touched as it was a wonderful gesture from such nice people we love hog roasting and especially love the people we meet.