Make This Christmas Magical With Hog Roast Giffnock

The Covid-19 pandemic certainly threw a spanner in the works of our Christmas plans last year. From festive open-air markets and workplace parties all the way to the annual family dinner, everything seemed off-limits – but not this year. This year, nothing is off the table, and especially not our gorgeous festive menu!

Whether you’re planning on treating the family to a yummy sit-down meal or simply want to thank your employees for all the hard work they’ve put in this past year, Hog Roast Giffnock is here to help you dazzle your guests with the juiciest, most succulent free-range turkey dinner you can possibly imagine.

Roasted whole over real flames by our talented team of caterers and served with fresh cranberry sauce, homemade sage and onion stuffing and an array of seasonal sides, this beautiful-tasting bird is absolutely bursting with flavour. Or, why not surprise everyone with something a wee bit different this year?

Hog Roast Giffnock At Christmastime, everyone expects there to be a turkey at the centre of the dinner table, don’t they? And whilst ours is insanely delicious, we know that it can also be nice to explore different options now and again. If this sounds like something you’d be up for, then you’ll just love our slow-roasted pork option! Full of flavour, our trademark free-range pig is to die for – and it matches perfectly with those sides we mentioned earlier. Think; homemade cauliflower cheese, roasted potatoes, a medley of seasonal veg, delicious gravy and, everyone’s favourite, pigs in blankets.

Similarly to our turkey, the whole pig is slow-roasted in our Hogmaster machine for several hours, until soft and delicious on the inside, and perfectly crispy on the outside. To complete the traditional feast, Hog Roast Giffnock then serves the fork-tender pulled pork with golden, crisp and bubbling crackling, stuffing, tasty applesauce and a selection of mixed rolls. Delicious! And for dessert? You can always count on our traditional mince pies with warm brandy cream to end the evening on a high note.

Whatever your preference is, Hog Roast Giffnock’s catering manager Steve is always on hand to help you come up with the ideal menu for your event. Call now to find out more!