Hog Roast Gleneagles Titan Sale!

In the last couple of years hog roasting has really taken off in the UK thanks in large part to the efforts of Hog Roast Gleneagles. The quirky nature of the cooking process provides entertainment in addition to delicious food, so it is of no surprise to us that more and more people want to try their hand at roasting their own. Here at Hog Roast Gleneagles we also sell and hire out our machines that we use day in and day out to provide amazing hog roasts to the public. Anyone can buy one of our machines, even if you have never cooked even a roast dinner before! This is because our machines are so accessible and easy to use that even the most inexperienced chefs can create mouth-watering hog roasts.

This week one of our most loyal clients over the past ten years decided he wanted to be able to create his own Hog Roast Surrey - spit roast1Gleneagles. We always recommend a factory visit to anyone interested in purchasing one of our machines as you can get a look at the size and get a feel for the power of the machine, so you can make sure you get a machine that fits all your needs. In this case, Sam had already visited the factory and so knew exactly what he wanted; the Titan. Although this is one of our larger machines it is still fully portable and easy to manoeuvre, and it had grabbed Sam’s attention thanks to the different attachments that can be added such as a BBQ grill or vegetable roasting tray. In reality, all of our machines are just as versatile but this way you can be cooking multiple dishes at the same time which for Sam was an important aspect.  So, without further ado the machine was sold…

We are looking forward to hearing about Sam’s Hog Roast Gleneagles success!