Hog Roast Falls of Dochart: Silver Wedding Anniversary

Anniversaries are important, and it’s not just because they enable us to mark an exciting milestone in our relationships. Perhaps more importantly, it’s because they also give couples an opportunity to take a step back from their everyday lives and reflect on what was one of their biggest achievements together. With each year, these pinned dates on the calendar become even more meaningful, and as a result, we think they should be celebrated accordingly – surrounded by family, friends and a glistening slow roasted pig, of course!

Hog Roast Falls of DochartSo, if you’re looking for an authentic hog roast, you’ve come to the right place! Hog Roast Falls of Dochart is the best in the business and our team always go above and beyond to transform our clients’ dreams into a reality by serving exquisite feasts which are created using only the finest quality ingredients from award-winning British farms.

When Simon heard all about Hog Roast Falls of Dochart via his best friend, Paul, he couldn’t wait to place a booking for himself, and with his 25th wedding anniversary inching ever closer, he had found his perfect excuse to enjoy one of our traditional menus! Choosing from our vast selection of feasts, the client opted for our private party menu 3 which has been growing in popularity recently due to the fact it was created especially for outdoor events.

With rain on the cards, the catering crew had been asked to pitch a marquee at the back of Simon’s garden, after which they erected the catering gazebo and got started on preparing the afternoon banquet. Next, the team scored and skewered the pig over a low flame, before using their remaining few hours to serve up bowls of mixed salad, loaded fries, warm new potatoes in herb butter, gluten-free bread rolls and plenty of tasty sauces and dips.

Sure enough, the skies opened up, but everyone was in too high spirits to care – especially Simon’s wife Angela who was amazed by the effort her husband had gone to, to make their silver wedding anniversary so special! When everyone had finished the delicious meal, Hog Roast TOWN quietly tidied away the mess and presented the leftovers on a plate for the guests to pick at later on.