Hog Roast Ellon – Don’t Let Catering Be The Stress Of Your Party!

We pride ourselves on only using the best quality, freshest ingredients that are all locally sourced, and for many years we have been known as the best Hog Roast caterer in Ellon. The food is the usually the biggest part of your event and the part that all of the guests look forward too and sometimes it can even be the part that they use to remember the event, ‘Remember that party we went too where they had an amazing hog roast’. Often the pressure can be on when arranging a party or special event, so the best thing to do is to book a caterer to take away all of that stress.

Alison contacted us in January thinking that she would miss out with leaving it such last minute but we managed to squeeze her party in, with us having a few expert catering teams running from our base we can usually make any Hog Roast Ellon request. Alison wanted a simple but popular hog roast buffet to feed her 50 guests that were attending her birthday party. Alison breathed a sigh of relief over the phone when she knew we were available and she had finally booked a caterer to lift the weight of her shoulders. She knew she didn’t want to be spending hours making sandwiches and sausage rolls on the day of her birthday!

On the day of her party we had slow roasted the free range pig for several hours and by the time serving time arrived the guests couldn’t wait as the smell of the succulent hog roast was subtly filling the room.

All of the guests were complimenting the food, especially the crispy crackling, we had enough for everyone! A warm plate of food with unbelievable flavours pouring out beats any cold sandwich buffet, and a hog roast comes with no stress on the day. Let Hog Roast Ellon take care of everything, from the set-up, the cooking, and even the clean-up, nobody wants washing up to do after a party!