Hog Roast Calgary Only Providing The Best For Your Guests     

With Hog Roast Calgary catering, you and your guests will be treated to delicious food freshly prepared, cooked and served by experts who always go the extra mile to provide you with top-class service with a smile. We’ve spent a long time perfecting our signature food – sumptuous hog roast centrepieces to make either our amazing pigs in buns (which you may know as hog roast rolls) or as part of plated meals with fresh seasonal vegetables and potatoes as well as all the trimmings, and once tried, you’ll never go back.

Hog Roast CalgaryNevertheless, we also understand that our customers very often need more options than these tasty offerings, either with additional dishes like homemade starters, desserts, sides or canapés, or with alternative meat or meat-free dishes, or food to feed those with particular dietary requirements, like gluten-free or dairy-free. With prior notice, Hog Roast Calgary can easily cater all this and much more, and not only do we have specialist menus available too, like our winter warmer, loaded fries and Southern Slow Roast, you also have the option to create your own menu by mixing and matching items between ours or we can help you to devise one from scratch if preferred instead.

Our Hog Roast Calgary chefs and catering assistants attend many different kinds of parties and events, both locally and further afield, including weddings, birthdays and corporate hospitality functions and just recently we catered a lovely couple’s engagement do, where they had invited forty guests of friends and family to celebrate together with them. At first, our new customers Rachel and Michael had a hard time deciding which menu for us to serve, but going on the advice of friends who had loved our pigs in buns in the past, they thought they would be perfect for the carnivores, but they needed a vegetarian main and some side dishes too. Our halloumi and vegetable skewers, sweet potato wedges and coleslaw would be just the ticket for this happy occasion.

On Saturday evening, after roasting a hog for a good few hours in the wind and the rain, our team served up a fabulous feast and no one seemed to care about the inclement weather one bit.