Hog Roast For A 21st Birthday Celebration In Stirling

North Wales - pig3When Hog Roast Stirling caters your special occasion, whether it’s an informal birthday party at home, a formal wedding reception with several courses or a corporate event with several hundred guests, we do it in style. A hog or spit roast centrepiece is an amazing addition to any kind of party that you have in mind – the sight alone will thrill your guests and tantalise their taste buds and the aromas in the air will have everyone licking their lips in anticipation.

For a 21st birthday party that our team at Hog Roast Stirling catered over the weekend, that’s just what happened; by the time we were ready to serve, we could literally see the guests licking their lips as they queued up for a taste of meaty heaven. The birthday girl’s parents had booked us to cook a springtime hog roast for 35 guests in their back garden, in order to make lots of pigs in buns, and also asked us to provide some meat-free options too. We have plenty of choices for vegetarians and vegans and in this case, there were 2 vegetarians and one vegan who could all enjoy the same scrumptious veggie kebabs as each other.

Hog Roast Stirling arrived at the home venue in the morning as the service would be mid-afternoon. There’s no rushing a hog roast and it slowly roasts away over a few hours, which is why we get there hours before, to start preparing the meat so that the food is as fresh as can be. After scoring, wetting and salting the meat and turning the hog roast machine on, our equipment does the rest of the work, but we keep a watchful eye over it as it cooks, to ensure the gas burner stays lit so the hog roasts through and through until perfectly browned on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Nearer to the time of service, we freshly cooked the vegetable kebabs, which comprised of mushrooms, aubergine, various peppers, courgette and onion, sliced the bread rolls and put the sauces and stuffing into dishes. By the time the hog was ready, we had clearly tempted the guests enough and they started to queue up, all licking their lips!