Get Your Christmas Bookings With Hog Roast Dingwall Catering

It’s not quite time yet to put on the Christmas tunes, but it is certainly time now to at least be thinking about booking your Christmas catering with Hog Roast Dingwall.

The Christmas party is a favourite amongst office workers around the UK, and so this time of year is always exceptionally competitive for bookings. As a caterer we know all too well that waiting to book more often than not leads to disappointment, so to ensure there are no nasty Christmas surprises awaiting you’ll need to get on the phone to your local Hog Roast Dingwall team as early as right now. Even though we have hundreds of teams across multiple franchises the length and breadth of the country, even we at Hog Roast Dingwall get stretched to our max at Christmas and fill up every one of our booking slots, so move quick!

Hog Roast DingwallIt is tradition in the UK to take your entire office out for a Christmas meal and party at the end of the year, and no one provides that Christmas dining experience better than Hog Roast Dingwall. You just find an event space and our team take care of all the rest for your dining. You’ll get our own Hog Roast Dingwall version of all your Christmas favourites, and since we’re already the roast specialists in catering you can already know that our Christmas dinner is going to be an all timer. By booking with us you’ll most certainly be earning extra points around the office as everyone will love our golden roasted turkey, our perfect golden roast potatoes, even the much-maligned sprouts will turn a head or two. We’ll provide a premium end service experience ensuring that everyone at your party is well looked after with plenty of food and drinks, but of course none of that happens if you don’t get to booking right now!

Bookings go so quick among most caterers, never mind one as specialised in roast dining as Hog Roast Dingwall so the earlier you can book the better. Dates are competitive, so it may even be an idea to get well ahead for next year too and book your 2024 Christmas dining too while you’re with us!