Full Monty Hog Roast

So the Fringe has finished and I’m already looking forward to next year. With the festival now a diminishing memory we had to get on with returning Edinburgh to normality and that meant a couple of weddings and a corporate hospitality event for over 200 people.
For one of the weddings we did last week this was a real test as the guests seemed to have quite a marked split of young v old, more appropriately energy v experience. The wedding took place at a sports club, unusually for Scotland this was based around a cricket pitch, with some magnificent views of the Firth of Forth, the setting was idyllic. We catered the whole thing with the full Monty spit roast pig, sides of rice, pasta and salad and enough apple sauce to sink a battle ship.

I spoke to quite a few of the guests, I always like to get a feel for an event before we start serving the food, there’s usually a bit of time for this whilst prepping and cooking. I was really surprised to find that in a straw poll before the food was served that the more senior guests were not sure what to make of the catering but were expecting some excellent roasted pork – so no pressure then. When we were cleaning up and clearing away the machines at the end of the afternoon it was a real boost to get a few of the people I’d spoken to earlier and find that they’d loved the food and really enjoyed the chance to watch the roasting in action. This week I even got a lovely card from one of the Aunt’s at the wedding saying how much she enjoyed the day and loved the food.

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