Halloween is here!

Hello fellow blog readers the day has almost come to an end but it is Halloween !!!
So we know many of you will be out tonight trick or treating 😉
Fancy dress is on the cards for many of our chefs this evening as they have headed out to a couple of Halloween parties in Gretna green and they have been asked to dress up especially for the spooky theme to fit in with the Halloween evening. We have been told that the host of the event has got a lot of games planned and spooky music, we are serving up our menu 3 option which will be served buffet style at one of the events to her fellow guests we are also providing extra staff for this event so that we can serve the mulled wine that the host is wanting to provide to the guests as and when they want it so we here in the office we will be looking forward to hearing tomorrows tales of what went on.

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