A Weekend Full of Traveling!

On Friday I drove to Perth with the team in what was a weekend of lots of travel. We were required in Perth for an engagement party. They wanted the party menu 1, delectable pig roasted and put with apple sauce and stuffing on rolls of bread for a filling and tasty treat. 80 people were at the engagement party but it felt like there was more as it was a very loud and excited gathering, the roast pig gave them even more energy and reason to rave. A 60th birthday party came a day later on Saturday, we drove down to Ayr for that one. There were a few more people for that, 130 people in total, so we took a bigger pig with us. The size of the pig was needed because the size of the appetite the guests had was a worthy match. Jim and his many friends and family were falling over themselves to get a Spitting Pig roll. And we even got some nice weather to really brighten up the party, as if it was needed with the hog roast making everybody’s day a magnificent one already. Sunday a customer in Elgin had a machine delivered for hire and used it outside of their brand new cafe to successfully attract customer. It was an ingenious plan to use a whole pig cooking on a Spitting Pig machine to get peoples attention and it worked a treat. Carla who hired the machine told us when we picked up the machine that she served a pork sandwich from the hog roast for an easy 200 people. Job done. In fact the job was done so well that we’re now talking to Carla again as she’s interested in buying a machine for her business.

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