Can’t Make The Taylor Swift Concert? Make Your Own With Added Hog Roast Paisley!

Hog Roast PaisleyIf you’ve been paying attention or at all, – or, in fact, even if you haven’t – all the talk and all the news this week in Edinburgh and Scotland been about Taylor Swift coming to Murrayfield for 3 days of her Eras Tour shows over the weekend. It’s fair to say that Edinburgh has caught the “Swiftie” fever with fans from all over the world coming into the capital just to even get near the biggest pop idol on the globe at the moment. You didn’t have to have tickets to get caught up in the Swiftie storm as town was taken over by fans, and the 3-and-a-half-hour concert of course being able to be heard from halfway across the city too.

We know this at Hog Roast Paisley because we ourselves were caught up in the fun and could also hear some of the concert at a very special event that we were catering for. With tickets being so expensive and so highly in demand, many of course missed out on getting to go and see their hero. Many of course went out to Murrayfield anyway just to hear the whole thing from outside, but some others, such as favourite customer of the week, Gillian and her daughter Milly, enjoyed Scotland’s Swiftie fever their own way.

Hog Roast PaisleyMilly, we were told, is a massive fan of Taylor Swift, but was very disappointed not to be able to get a ticket. Not to be outdone, mother Gillian decided that the next best thing to being at the concert would be to throw their own “Eras Tour” at home with Milly’s friends. This meant putting up a makeshift stage in the garden, having a dress up area for the kids to perform as their idol, and listening to all of her albums. To outdo the pop singer’s own concert however, Gillian added Hog Roast Paisley’s catering to the party too.

Our Hog Roast Paisley chefs prepared a delicious barbecue menu to go along with the concert making it, in our opinion, slightly better than Swift’s own concert. Of course, we did actually get to hear some of it as to Milly’s delight the sound of the concert did carry through to the garden from several miles away!