Secure Your Euro Dining With Hog Roast Dundee Now!

Hog Roast DundeeIt’s just a couple of weeks now until the Euros kick off in Munich, where the whole of Europe will be in watch as Scotland take to the field to get the tournament started against the German hosts. At Hog Roast Dundee, we know that the whole country is waiting in anticipation to see if Steve Clarke’s men can carry through the success of their qualifier campaign and shock a couple of European giants, and just like you we’re looking to get the party going the only way we know how: the Scotland way!

While thousands fly out to Germany to follow the team all the way through the tournament, many of us will still be back here at home. It might feel like we’re missing out on the party, but here at Hog Roast Dundee we know that there is still plenty of boogieing that can be done from home, especially when you’ve got our fresh roast catering for your matchdays!

Hog Roast DundeeIt’s been a long time since most of us will have seen Scotland getting to regular international tournaments, so when it is here we all know that we have to make the most of it as best we can. One of the ways we are doing that here at Hog Roast Dundee is by supplying our customers with their matchday dining. Pubs, social clubs, and your neighbours houses are all due to be stowed out come kick-off in Munich, but you can secure your one-way ticket to the best matchday experience in Dundee with your own selection of delicious, freshly prepared Hog Roast Dundee favourites. Forget your half time pie and Bovril, with Hog Roast Dundee you could be having freshly prepared pulled pork rolls, burgers, ribs, fresh salads, fries, roast potatoes, mini pizzas and way more all the way through the game. Our team can set up a buffet for you to come and dine at your own leisure, or are team can come and serve you directly so that you don’t have to miss a single second of the 90!

Yes sir, we can boogie and eat all match long!