Hog Roast Dalwhinnie Can Make Any Match Meaty!

Hog Roast DalwhinnieIt may not have been the result anyone wanted on that fateful Friday night for Scotland against Germany, but when we, as fans, said No Scotland, No Party, the nation absolutely showed that we meant it all the same, and so did your catering team here at Hog Roast Dalwhinnie too!

With Scotland taking part in their first overseas football tournament in 22 years it is fair to see that the excitement has been palpable all around the country in the run up. Something akin to 4% of the Scottish population is adjudged to have gone over to Germany to get the party started in Munich and all around for the Euro opener, and right back here at home at Hog Roast Dalwhinnie helped to keep the party going too with our matchday catering for the Tartan Army customers that couldn’t travel with the team.

Hog Roast DalwhinnieThe excitement and pre-match celebration was of course far better than the match itself in the end. We still managed to enjoy our events with many of you despite the result, and we are sure that our delicious hog roasts helped to smooth over the anguish of that match performance too. Now of course we loom ahead to the following two matches to come with expectations perhaps set aback a little, but here at Hog Roast Dalwhinnie we’re still looking to keep the party and the boogie going with more catering available for both the Switzerland and Hungary matches on Wednesday and Sunday. Many of you have booked in with us already for those matches (though not quite to the numbers of 4% of the population) and we are looking forward to many more bookings in the coming days. Even if the games don’t go our way, the dining can as our catering is still assured to be a match winner. Enjoy a hat trick of roasts with our pork, beef, or chicken options; a bench worth of incredible freshly made accompaniments, ready to be called upon when needed; or a last-minute winner in our desserts for right at the end!

The boogie isn’t over yet, so come to Hog Roast Dalwhinnie today!