Hog Roast Event – Scotland

Last night was one of the prime reasons I love working as a hog roast caterer or ‘hoghoster’ as I like to call it. It was a small affair for some clients we’ve worked for before but that made it no less special. We set off in the wee hours of Friday morning to get ourselves set up. The function room was more than adequate even if we did have trouble getting in at first. Seems the owners weren’t told wed be there quite so early. But the thing with this business is preparation is 90% of the work. Get that part right and the rest is plain sailing.
We got the pig roasting fairly quickly and started to prepare the chicken. The slow roast on the pig especially with our secret smoke recipe soon started to smell great. It’s like one of my favourite parts of the job. While hat was under way we started to get the rest ready..salads..buns..sauces.
Guests started arriving around lunchtime. It was a decent turn out, all adults no kids. The dj they had set up was a bit late..never find us being late on a job thats for sure, he was a bit cheesy anyway! We started serving at about 1 and the hog sliced beautifully! I think for the majority of the guests there it was their first roast which is always nice cos it gives us a chance to show them how it should be done.
Carrie did a great job of being waitress collecting all the used paper plates. I certainly won’t ever go back to using proper plates. We learned that early in the business! Most people came back for seconds and thirds and the chicken went well too. We had a few people ask about clambakes which seem to be very popular over with the Yanks so we decided to look into that one further! Didn’t think that kinda thing would be popular over here to be honest!
Unfortunately we run out of chicken a little earlier which raised a few moans. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Things started to wind down about 5 and we were packing up about 6. All the hog went thankfully, well it did when the dj finally got around to having some. Poor guy was probably in torment the entire time. He gave us a couple of numbers for potential future customers too which was nice. We got packed up and headed back before it got too dark. Not especially keen on the drive back especially getting caught in the ‘wonderful’ Scottish weather but it didn’t dampen our spirits cos it was a nice event and we hope to get chance to do one for them again!

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