50th Birthday Celebrations In Fancy Dress!

Scotland - 50th partyHog Roast Kingswells is happy to cater all over Scotland and not just Aberdeen but we often cater locally too, just like we did on a recent Friday for a themed birthday party. Our customer Nadine asked us to cook some lovely food for a fancy dress-themed 50th birthday party for 60 guests. While we are well-known all around the land of the brave for our incredible hog roasts, using the high-quality pigs that we breed ourselves, we can provide much more variety for a party or event too, and for this shindig, we were asked to cook a centrepiece hog and serve it alongside some of our other tasty, homemade dishes. In addition to mouth watering slivers of pork and yummy pieces of salty crackling, the guests would also enjoy our chef’s own gourmet sausages, fresh salmon and several salads, too. No one would go hungry with this menu!

This customer had a good idea in mind of the various food she wanted to be served at the party, which we love to see, as we not only offer the option of you mixing and matching items from our menus but we actively encourage it, as we want to ensure everyone is satisfied. However, what may surprise you is the number of alternative dishes that Hog Roast Kingswells can provide for any of your guests who may be on a special diet, such as gluten-free or wheat-free, or who may have a personal preference, such as vegan or vegetarian guests. We really do want everyone to love our food, so we always ensure to offer lots of choices. As long as we know in advance of your event, we are more than happy to cater for your guests with dietary needs.

Scotland - pig2 On the day of the 50th celebration, there was a great turnout and some of the fancy dress outfits were amazing, with many guests making a brilliant effort for the theme. As is usual, Hog Roast Kingswells roasted the hog to sheer perfection and cooked all the other dishes beautifully too, and served the hungry guests with a lovely buffet until they were all full and all satisfied.