Say Goodbye To The January Blues With A Soul-Satisfying Hog Roast Cockenzie Spit-Roast

From office parties and winter markets to Christmas dinner with the family and Hogmanay hootenannies, the entire month of December is just one celebration after another. But when January comes around, and there’s no longer the constant feeling of busyness or the collective excitement in preparation for anything as prominent as Christmas, a lot of people begin to experience a wane in positivity as they ”come down” from the winter party season. This is known as the ”January Blues”, and in the UK alone, around 2 million people are thought to be affected every single year.

One of our regular clients, who is very familiar with the effects of the post-holiday blues, is Tam. For many years he struggled to find a way to rid himself of the January Blues, until five years ago, when he discovered Hog Roast Cockenzie.

Every year without fail since then, he and his family treat themselves to one of our divine menu plans in early January, which helps to lift everyone’s spirits and allows them to reflect on all the fun they had over Christmastime. Sometimes Tam will host the event at his home, but other times, the whole family pitches in to rent a venue for one or two nights. It’s become a highly-anticipated tradition for everyone involved – even us – and gives them something to look forward to after the holiday season comes to an end!

Hog Roast Cockenzie This year, Tam and his family agreed to hire a remote log cabin for the entire weekend, which meant on Saturday, Steve (our catering manager), and the Hog Roast Cockenzie team travelled to the location to prepare a glorious spread of shredded roast pork rolls with lightly salted and bubbled crackling, applesauce and savoury sage and onion stuffing. To accompany the main attraction, the team also whipped up our light and leafy, fresh garden salads, a large bowl of gourmet coleslaw and mixed sweet potato and regular fries.

The food, as usual, was a real crowd-pleaser, and before leaving, Hog Roast Cockenzie carefully packaged the leftovers for Tam and his family to enjoy over the following days.