Hog Roast Burntisland

Burntisland is a small town on the coast of Fife situated in between Kinghorn and Aberdour which has a beautiful Sandy beach and a 15th Century Castle in Rossend Castle in the town it has plenty to keep visitors and locals thoroughly amused.

Being located in the county of Fife on the east coast has annual summer fair and also provides historical walks around the town in the summer for visitors and locals alike. Burntisland has been around for some time and it is believed to have been formed at a very early date around what was one of the best natural harbours on the river.  Burntisland today is a very attractive town and has the Museum of Communications and is home to one of the earliest post-reformation churches built in Scotland that remains in use today in Burntisland Parish Church.

Catering With An Individual Touch In Burntisland

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