Hog Roast Alexandria – A Special Valentines Meal

For many people February is the month of romance. Whether or not you choose to celebrate it, it’s hard to escape the hype of Valentine’s Day. Over the years it has definitely become more of a corporate enterprise about spending money and showing off about what your other half has done to show you how much you’re loved. Never the less Hog Roast Alexandria always take up any opportunity to show our clients how much we love and appreciate them and what better way for us to do that than by cooking up a scrumptious Valentine’s Day Hog Roast Alexandria!

Hog Roast Alexandria

Eric had decided that he would like to surprise his wife of forty years this Valentine’s Day with a lovely meal made by Hog Roast Alexandria. He told us over the phone that traditionally they’d didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as their anniversary was in January, they tended to just have a big celebration then instead. This year, however, Eric had sadly been taken ill on their anniversary meaning they couldn’t celebrate as they had planned. Determined to fix this Eric told us he wanted us to put on a romantic meal for his wife, Sally, and their children and grandchildren who would be coming along to celebrate too. We were of course delighted to help and set about designing a lovely, Valentine’s Day hog roast menu.

As the meal was to be a surprise, Eric was hosting it at his family home. Having taken sally out on a shopping trip feigning he had forgotten what day it was and had to think of last-minute plans, we were let into the house by their son Luke. We quickly set up our roasting machine and got the meat cooking. We wanted to make sure that everything was ready for when the lovely couple returned home, and that Sally would be pleasantly surprised by our hog roast Alexandria…