Fresh Homemade Dishes Suitable For Everyone From Hog Roast Balloch

If you’re currently planning the menu for your next party or event, whether it’s a special birthday celebration, your wedding day meal, a corporate function or anything else that you can think of, talk to Hog Roast Balloch about how we can make your special occasion go with a bang. We can help you to create the menu of your dreams, and not just in terms of an amazing hog roast centrepiece that wows your guests with mouthwatering aromas, a theatrical sight for sore eyes and a taste sensation that you can’t get enough of.

We’re also well-versed in providing a great wealth of choice and variety, as we know that our customers often need alternatives for their guests or may want to serve additional dishes, like canapés, starters, sides or puddings. In terms of mains, a hog roast made into pigs in buns or as part of a plated meal is a great option and a local pig goes a long way to feed your guests with plenty of tender, moist meat and crispy crackling, so it can save you a pretty penny too, but we have lots of other possibilities if needed too.

Hog Roast BallochA Hog Roast Balloch barbecue of ribs, sausages and burgers may be the order of the day instead, or perhaps spit-roast chicken, turkey, lamb or beef. Maybe you’re thinking of one of our standalone menus, like our new Alfresco Menu, which gives you delicious antipasti platters and desserts to enjoy with a hog roast meal, and our Southern Slow Roast and Loaded Fries are just as popular, with tasty food to treat your guests to. Plus if you have any dietary requirements, just let us know when you book and Bob’s your uncle.

Hog Roast Balloch  catered a corporate event recently, where we impressed with our famous pigs in buns (made suitable for gluten-free guests too, simply by us also taking along gluten-free rolls), as well as our new vegetarian option of pulled jackfruit rolls, served with barbecue sauce and coleslaw on the side. Everything we served was gobbled up in no time at all and we quietly cleared away, happy that we could provide fresh, homemade dishes suitable for everyone.