Send Someone Into Retirement With A Tasty Hog Roast Maybole Buffet!

Having dedicated the last three decades of his life to the ambulance service, it was a bittersweet moment for Jerry and his fellow paramedics when the day of his retirement finally came around last Thursday. At the age of 66, he finally hung up his uniform one last time and put his feet up for a well-deserved rest – but not before his colleagues could give him a proper send-off!

Described as being the life and soul of the party, all those who worked with Jerry were keen to see him into his twilight years in style, so they did what anyone would do: they organised a massive surprise party to take place at the end of his final shift. His long-time friend, Arnold, was the one who took the lead in planning the celebration, and he had also been the one to approach Hog Roast Maybole to request help from our wonderful catering team, who were very eager to assist.

Hog Roast Maybole With some guidance from our Catering Manager, Steve, the client was able to find the right menu in no time at all, which just so happened to be our delicious Gourmet BBQ spread! Offering a selection of perfectly grilled meats, including handmade British beef burgers, gourmet sausages, succulent chicken kebabs and BBQ meaty marinated spareribs with a choice of tasty salad sides to pick from, this all-rounder menu is ideal for all sorts of events – and it was perfect for the get-together Arnold had planned, too!

Somehow, everyone managed to keep schtum about the party and prevent eagle-eyed Jerry from finding out about their plans before it was time. So when Hog Roast Maybole arrived at the station early that afternoon, Jerry was surprised, to say the least! It finally clicked when some of his closest family members showed up a few hours later with a rich chocolate cake that read ‘Happy Retirement!’ in a swirly font.

Jerry was at a complete loss for words, but Hog Roast Maybole soon opened up the buffet and handed him the first plate of flavour-packed meats to dig into, which quickly got him back to his chatty self again!