Hog Roast Coupar – More To Us Than The Hog Roast

Hog Roast CouparFor a catering team called Hog Roast Coupar, you might be surprised to find that we are so much more than just our hog roast special. Of course our hog roast is a favourite of ours – its stylish means of cooking has informed just about everything about how we operate as a caterer, and how we approach our services for events – but it does not always have to be the be all and end be. Being a quality caterer is about providing the customer with that they want, even if that sometimes means stretching yourself.

At Hog Roast Coupar we are always more than happy to work with customers to find the exact right catering solutions for them. Most come to us because of the name and a want for specialist roast dining. We put our name behind the roast because we know we are excellent at it, but you’ll see in our other available menus on our website that we also love to get behind the grill for a gourmet barbecue, or create fresh platters and vibrant grazing tables for more summery dining. We’re a deft hand at making desserts of all types too; creamy, chocolatey delights, or savoury pickings with a dash of sweet thrown in too, we love to end the night with a good palate cleanser.

Hog Roast CouparBut beyond our available menus we are also open to working more specifically with customers for dishes that they perhaps don’t see on our website. Within reason of course, but our chefs are very highly trained in a variety of culinary styles so are happy to discuss other dishes that you may be after. An excellent example from recently is when we catered a selection of meat and veg pies for a customer at their request. Pies are in our wheelhouse – they almost feel like a cousin of the roast – so we were only all too happy to acquiesce. It was great to provide exactly what a customer was after and provide a good selection of pies to be enjoyed with our homemade hot gravy and mushy peas. Delish!

So, even if you don’t see what you want on our site, come speak to your Hog Roast Coupar anyway. We might just be able to satisfy your tastes after all!