Heel Toe, Heel Toe, Hog Roast Cumbernauld

When it comes to Christmas and the winter time there is one thing that every Scottish will no doubt be expecting and that is a good old jig at a ceilidh. A tradition for Scotland and Ireland, the ceilidh is one of the best social dances around as just about everyone can get involved regardless of their prior experience or dancing skill. It’s a good laugh whether you’re a heel toe, heel toe master, or you’re falling over yourself with each step.

The term ceilidh comes from the old Irish cele, meaning ‘companion’, which is apt because this week Hog Roast Cumbernauld proved a hog roast menu to be the perfect companion to the traditional dance event for over a hundred guests. Our Hog Roast Cumbernauld team were fortunate to be invited out to this prestigious annual ceilidh which is attended by many every single year, and so to ensure everyone had more than enough fuel to keep up with the Gay Gordons and the Strip the Willow’s we had a huge buffet of the best roasts ready for them.

Hog Roast CumbernauldIt only felt right for the time of year that our buffet should have a festive slant to it, so along with our classic hog roast menu our chefs added in our festive delights, such as a slow roasted turkey option along with pigs in blankets, homemade cauliflower cheese, and more seasonal roasted vegetables like glazed brussells sprouts, carrots and parsnips. This helped to bulk out our usual hog roast menu of a whole roasted pig (of which we had two along with the turkey), golden roast potatoes, a mix selection of sweet and regular potato fries, veg and halloumi skewers, BBQ pulled jackfruit as a vegan alternative to the hog roast, gourmet coleslaw, seasonal mixed leaves, and tomato and mozzarella salad. More than enough to keep everyone dancing long into the night!

The Hog Roast Cumbernauld team loved getting to watch the ceilidh dancing as well, our chefs even found tapping their toe away to The Dashing White Sergeant, and only could have wished it would have gone on even longer into the night!