Fun In The Sun At Hog Roast Ballingry

Hog Roast BallingryThe weekend of May 11th saw the UK experience its hottest weekend so far in the year, and with sightings of the aurora borealis too, it was most certainly a weekend to remember.

The team at Hog Roast Ballingry, though not able to spot the northern lights at any of our events this weekend, had as magical a weekend as everyone else out in the sun. We lathered up the sun cream and headed out on the road to a rustic venue in Ballingry where we produced a brilliant barbecue service for a corporate partner of ours.

Jason, who runs his own business in the insurance sector, has enjoyed working alongside Hog Roast Ballingry as a corporate partner for a number of years now. As the owner of his own business, Jason has made an annual tradition out of inviting all of his employees out to a barbecue at his own house. That tradition was all well and good when the company was in its early stages and only had a few employees, but 8 years on as it has grown and grown Jason has soon found that his home is not equipped to host the near 60 employees of his business, nor is he equipped to grill up enough burgers and sausages for them all himself either.

Hog Roast BallingryThankfully, Hog Roast Ballingry are.

Jason hired out a brilliant hillside venue with stunning views of the area, and had his time all paid for to come on out and enjoy a Friday afternoon out in the sun with plenty of BBQ fun. To handle the dining portion of the day, the Hog Roast Ballingry team was also invited out as Jason has come to know and trust our catered services after several different events with us now.

Set out in the rustic location, our chefs had a great time putting our pork to roast and grilling up well over 100 burgers and sausages on top of marinated ribs, veg skewers, and plenty of potato and salad accompaniments too. It was a considerably sizeable operation compared to Jason’s first work BBQ 8 years ago, but no less efficient and personal!