December 2010


Over the past couple of weeks the weather has been getting colder and colder and it eventually snowed at the weekend. But considering how much snow fell in other parts of the country, I think we have been quite lucky. It does make working outside a bit more of a chore though but we just have to make sure that we have plenty of layers on.

We had to travel to Banchory, just outside Aberdeen, at the weekend to cater for a wedding. There were 5 of us who braved the cold, ice and snow in the Jeep and trailer to make it up the road. We spent Friday and Saturday nights in Dundee because the driving conditions at night were so bad. We knew before we arrived that it would be cold but nothing prepared us for the -6 degrees conditions that we were working in. The wedding ceremony and reception were in a barn at a small farm. We served champagne to the guests after the ceremony and by the time we came to serve the canapés half an hour later we had our jumpers and jackets back on because it was so cold. We served the main meal at 5 o’clock and it was ‘all hands on deck’ during the serve but none of us complained as it warmed us up a wee bit. At the end of the day, everyone really enjoyed the food and we had a lot of compliments about it. Even though we were frozen to the bones by the end of the day, we all really enjoyed ourselves as it was a bit of an adventure for us.

We have had another few Hog Roasts and machine hires over the past few weeks that have taken us to places like Elderslie, Edinburgh and Oban –  as well as a couple of functions close to home. Two or three times a month we do Hog Roasts at a local castle which is an exclusive wedding venue and we also had a small 40th birthday party to cater for.

We are starting to get a bit quieter now but that is to be expected as the weather gets colder. We are getting some enquiries for Hog Roasts for over Christmas and New Year which is usually our busiest time in December.

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