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Hog Roast WickWe are hog roast caterers based in Wick. We offer hog roast Wick and hog roast hire Wick. Hog roast Wick is a catering service which includes balloons, bread rolls and condiments as well as serviettes. Alternatively if you’re looking to do it yourself, we also offer hog roast hire Wick, a hog roast machine hiring service. Catering around Wick is always interesting.

Today we were delivering a hog roast machine to a pub in Wick. We loaded it into the van and drove off. When we got there I wheeled the machine inside and plugged it in. There was a low humming sound and it started turning. I got chatting to the clients, and I found out that they were celebrating the success of a group blog. Their blog seemed to touch on various issues including free speech, feminism, diversity and pop culture. Everything, really. I asked them what had inspired them to create this blog, and they replied that one of them had worked in a local media outlet a few years ago, and the restrictions on her journalism there led to a wish to write about those issues elsewhere. Her co-bloggers were a teacher who had become interested in various issues through dealing with his pupils at school, and a local business owner who wrote from her own experience. They were celebrating the fact that they were now getting lots of hits on their blog and had been interviewed by online publications. They were even making a profit from advertising and had a like-minded sponsor.

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Being a hog roast caterer means you get to meet all kinds of people. After that, we came back to our premises where the chefs were preparing a large hog roast. All our hog roasts have crackling and we use applesauce to bring out the unique flavour of the meat. The roasts are made to our own recipe. Then we loaded the roast, a machine, wine and everything else we would need into the van and drove off to a hotel near the town centre. These clients were having an engagement party. We put up balloons and my team member laid out the bread rolls and put the roast into the machine, where it began to turn slowly, looking glossy red under the lights and gleaming slickly with delicious applesauce. It looked more than good enough to eat, and I do sometimes wish I could eat the roasts. They smell very tempting, too, especially as you’re carving them when the aroma wafts out and the juices seep over the crackling skin.

We had everything set up quickly and I got talking to the clients before the guests arrived. They’d met at work but only really noticed each other when they went to a qapoetry workshop run by a colleague. She was into poetry, skydiving and history, while his hobbies were painting and photography. They seemed quite well matched to me. They no longer worked together as the bride to be had left her job as a data analyst to become an administrator in a local company. The groom to be took his photography hobby seriously, and made a modest second income out of it; his walls, according to his fiancée, were also splattered with watercolour paints. According to her, he wasn’t that good at painting.

The guests arrived and I poured drinks for a while. My favourite part of any catering job is carving the roast;  I try to make a bit of a show of it, you know, make it look good.  Everyone tucked in and I got several compliments about how good it tasted. It was a great night for everyone and I’m sure the couple will be happy together. Wick is a royal burgh situated in the beautiful  rural scenery of the highlands. The town straddles the River Wick and extends along the triangular shaped Wick Bay.  The River Wick can be crossed by two bridges, three roads and a railway. There are also three harbours and the Inner Harbour has a marina complex. Despite being a small town, Wick has its own airport, as well as a heritage museum and library. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s shortest street (containing a single door and measuring 2.06 metres) is located in Wick. The town also has a 12th century castle. All that remains of the Castle of Old Wick is a tower at the edge of a cliff on the outskirts of the modern town.